Taking Blockchain into the Next Generation.

Construction of a new Network Blockchain platform for economic activities of all races around the world.

C.A.T. Token Important notice to purchase consideration

This C.A.T. project has been active under the name "Katana" project in advance.
Under such circumstances, due to the circumstances of marketing, "C.A.T." became widely known as circumstances be forced to change the name temporarily to C.A.T., but the content of the project itself is quite similar Please understand.

And, we will return to the original name "Katana" ahead of the stage of listing to the exchange this time.
In Katana, whitepapers, websites and original wallets will be officially invited to customers who purchased tokens on this site just before the listing date.

Again, the predecessor C.A.T. and the newborn Katana are only the name change.
It is a proof that the project is making a big step forward, so please continue to patronize Katana project in the future.

Copyright (C) Katana

What is Katana

Concept of premise

The majority of ICOs now around the world think that Blockchain will decide where to connect IoT.

However, we clearly disagree with this. We will create a truly valuable network selected from the IoT side and will provide it to the world.


Taking Blockchain into the Next Generation

We’re building the tools and services to bring the future of Blockchain Technology to everyone.

With the world standard pure decentralized Network Blockchain, we can remove the walls of national, ethnic, rich and poor and connect with P2P network.

Join us.

What problem do we solve?

Blockchain technology that expands its function with the rapid progress of the month in response to the rise of encryption currency.

Focusing on the invalidity of existing Public Blockchains, if there is a Blockchain that serves as a hub to solve the weaknesses, it will be possible to connect all industries around the world with a network.

In addition, we will issue various kinds of unique tokens open source on the platform in the future and aim to complete the opened Blockchain.

Get the technical details on the Katana Platform and what is in store for the future・・・

White Paper

Katana Token's Use of Proceeds

  • 30%

  • 20%

  • 30%

    Token DEvelopment
  • 7%

    Operational Expenses
  • 7%

    Legal & Accounting Expenses
  • 6%

    Partnerships & Integration


Cloud Sale duration

2018 1st August-20th September

Token name

Katana token

Total supply

4,000,000,000 Katana

Token Sale Amount

1,000,000,000 Katana (25%)

Accepted Form of Contribution

Bitcoin, Ethereum

Price per token

  • Cloud Sale Price


Setting a cap on the Token

soft cap $120,000,000 - hard cap $200,000,000

→Depending on the time, it is adjustable, so please contact us if you are interested in more than this amount.


  • 2014
  • APR-for 2years

    Katana project startup
  • 2016

    Development of the platform
  • 2017

    Testing of the platform

    Briefing sessions for special invited guests

  • 2018

    Katana project’s Concept Presentation & Starting of promotion

    Distribution of the Katana tokens

    1. Katana Blockchain features implementation

    2. Listing on some Exchanges

  • 2019
  • JAN

    Start of year Katana project as Applying for more ICO using the platform


Kim Tae Won

<Personal Profile>

  • 1940.1.30

    Born Changwon in South Korea.
  • 1958.

    Joined the Korean Navy.
  • 1961.

    Moved to the US. Studied at the engineering school of US Army.
  • 1968.

    Became Lieutenant Colonel, equivalent level for engineer.
    When he retired, he was respectfully honored the name of “Mr. mainframe”.
    Joined Unisys Corporation(formerly Univac).
  • 1969.

    Based in Japan, he served as a system repair manager for US military facilities in Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines
  • 1983-

    Left Unisys Co. and founded Hosanna computer & IMI Com.(Clients:ATARI, APPLE, IBM, etc.)
  • 1990.

    Start Internet telephony business using NTT line.
  • 1996.

    Start an Internet provider business in Okinawa.
    Become the 40th registrar in Japan
    (This number means “the highest” among non-major companies).
  • 2003-

    Continues to challenge to new business areas…
Chen Xiang

A Blockchain Engineer, and the startup member at NEM, is now involved in technological development of crypto mining. His profile is hidden for personal securities.

Mutsuo Nakashima
Chief Advisor
  • 1982-1989

    After he graduated from Tsukuba Masteral University, he joined IBM Japan and was in charge of systems engineering at the data center as well as development for various applications.
  • 1989-1999

    He worked as a manager of the finance department at Yamaichi Securities Co., Ltd., which was one of the biggest stock companies in Japan.
  • 2000-

    He has done various jobs such as CEO of Nishindo co. , a supplier for schools, retail dealer in high voltage equipment, management of Solar Power Plants, a manager at hotels.
Van der Most
Marketing Advisor

After he studied financial engineering in London, now he has more than 15 years experience in the field of Finance and Operation.

He has been considered as one of a crypto traders, what is the most suitable platform for himself, his friends, and many other users since 2014.

To Increase profitability and provide solutions, he focuses on promoting a powerful and flexible strategic thinking.

Alexander Paramonov
Artistic Advisor

As a marketing Supervisor, has proposed unique branding for Small and Medium Enterprises in Europe and Oceania.

He is also a unique engineer specialized in written user friendly and readable coding with reputation for high design quality with the great efficiency.

Franzoni Alessando
Investment Advisor

He has been an entrepreneur since 1990s and involved in many startup companies as an adviser. Now he mainly supports the start up new IT companies and fund-raising as an angel investor.

He also has several investors networks. He is a very passionate about prior investment in next-generation industries.

Robinson George
Fintech Advisor

He has been working in software development and making efforts to combine finance and technology since 1995.

He also has been seeking how cryptocurrency can contribute to the society.

He is always on the cutting edge of technological innovation, and offers creative ideas and inspiration for many financial fields such as securities and insurance.

It should be said that he is one of the most knowledgeable persons of Fintech in the EU. 


ICO is an acronym for Initial Coin Offering. ICO’s are an excellent tool for innovative and potential projects to be able to raise funds for execution through the launch of a new cryptocurrency. Generally, projects that use Blockchain technology launch a digital currency with its own characteristics and offer them for sale. The purpose of the project is to engage a whole community of first-time users that believe in the project's disruptive potential.

Nowadays, big companies open capital of the market shares through IPO (Initial Public Offering). Basically, what they do is to offer it publicly at the Stock Market, for instance. Part of the market share goes to other people or institutions that are not the original partners or founders. on IPO system, the companies are already validated and commercially established, requiring more capital to expand on their desired speed.
On the other hand, ICO’s work differently. Blockchain projects that are starting off with great technological, social and transforming potential, offer part of their cryptocurrency to finance the execution of the projects. Therefore, the ICO should not be seen as an investment. This should not be associated with the IPO either.

Katana is a token developed by the Katana project team that possesses an alternative right to coins that can be utilized on a purely decentralized global standard Network Blockchain.
After listing on a given exchange, Katana token holders are able to use various services provided by Katana Blockchain in place of Katana coins. Katana coins become universal coins that allow mutual transfers to major public Blockchains and become indispensable on the network.
All services provided by the Katana Platform allow Katana coins as the official cryptocurrency for accessing various services.

The Katana Network focuses on the invalidation of existing Public Blockchains.
Because it's the Blockchain that acts as a hub to solve those weaknesses. Those are made possible to connect all industries around the world in the Network.

The demand for Katana tokens may influence on its price variation, which may be positive or negative. With the success of our network, it is expected that Katana token increases its market value and price, too This is an interesting advantage for early adopters of the platform. However, individuals who are interested in buying Katana token should keep in mind that it is not a promise of profit as it may be distinguished to investments, such as stock market share, debentures, fixed-income security or derivatives. The Katana token does not follow a targeted benchmarking system, or rather, there is not an official rate or any stock market index applied to it. Therefore, this does not represent the company shares, and this will not distribute profits or dividends. The purpose of Katana token is to be a common way of general transactions in order to facilitate the payment for the services of individuals or organizations that will interact on the Katana Network platform.

The exchange the corresponding amount of Bitcoin(BTC) or Ether (ETH) for the amount of Katana tokens is necessary to buy Katana.
The Sales dates and instructions will be announced exclusively in our official website [ ironcrypto.io ]. Make sure that all the channels and medias are aligned with the same information before making your transfer. Please, be aware of scammers, funders and phishing. In case you receive any contradictory information, please contact us immediately. If you have any questions, please contact us directly on [ contact@Katana project team ]. We kindly warn our token buyers that we do not to send links through our media to proceed with the purchase of Katana tokens.

Participants can choose to contribute by registering for the Presale. There is a screening process involved and all participants are required to be approved through a KYC process.

Katana is adding KYC (Know Your Customer) protection measures to ensure contributors can legally participate in the Presale and Crowd Sale of Katana token. There are two main reasons why Katana is adding KYC: firstly, the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) is preparing to prosecute Katana token Sales without KYC procedures. And secondly, cryptocurrency exchanges are beginning to exclude cryptocurrencies that did not implement KYC.

Due to strict regulations, Citizens from USA, Singapore and Mainland China are not eligible to participate in Katana token’s Sale.